About our Chapter

Our community is blessed to offer both our standard CSH Chapter Day on Tuesdays as well as an optional, second-day program called +PLUS on Thursdays, for families who benefit from greater structure, accountability, and a more hybrid-style of homeschooling. We meet as a chapter at St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Church (10727 Hartsook Rd., Houston, TX 77034) on Tuesdays for Chapter Day. Our optional +PLUS Day meets on Thursdays. See the graphic below to get a glimpse into how our Chapter is structured and what we have to offer our families in community!

Meet the Coordinator Team:

MORGAN COSTIGAN is a recent Houston-area transplant who brings her five children and husband to Pearland after a decade in the DFW area. After serving as Program Coordinator for the 2022-2023 school year (her first with Catholic Schoolhouse), she has graciously stepped up to helm of the CSH Houston South chapter for the upcoming school year. To contact her directly, fill out the contact form or simply send an email to HoustonSouthTX@catholicschoolhouse.com

LAURA AMBRO is a mother to six little ones, from a year-old son to an upper grammar-aged daughter. The Ambro family has been a part of a CSH chapter for six years and has been blessed time and time again by the community and the curriculum. Laura has been a class leader in several different levels over the years, including pre-grammar, upper grammar level, and chorus. She served as the Chapter Team Director from 2021-2023. Before homeschooling, she enjoyed teaching journalism (yearbook, newspaper, photojournalism, media writing for broadcast) and senior English at local public high schools. She still loves doing graphic design and creating materials for CSH, as well as serving as a doula for birthing mothers and their families [though only repeat clients right now].

DENISE GUAJARDO is a veteran homeschooler with a background in finance who is a jack-of-all-trades contributor to our community. She is in charge of the morning coffee setup for parents on chapter day, which makes her an MVP by default, but she’s also an MVP by virtue of her spirit of generosity. Fun fact: she used to run a bed and breakfast!

SARAH WILSON is a former junior high writing teacher who has been the IEW [Institute for Excellence in Writing] class leader for the Dialectic Level since 2021. She has three children, loves art, reading, and gardening!

TIFFANIE VAN SANT is mother of four from ages 1 to 15. Since joining CSH in 2022, she has loved working with the Rhetoric level students discussing the Timeline events. Beginning in 2023, she will serve as the Community Coordinator to oversee all events and special programs.

JESSICA COUNTS has been homeschooling for 13 years and joined CSH five years ago, and she’s never looked back! With children in EVERY level, she has been able to jump into any classroom as a substitute when needed.

JENNIFER VOGELGESANG just graduated her firstborn from homeschooling! She joined CSH several years ago and has had children in grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. As the Dialectic Seminar class leader and the Rhetoric Lost Tools of Writing class leader, she is well invested and knowledgeable about the Upper Levels. Her willingness to serve when called upon has been a blessing to every family!

BETSY PERRYMAN is the heart behind the +PLUS (ScholĂ©) Program for Thursday! Previously, Betsy served as the Director [and ALL coordinator positions, since those did not exist yet!] of the CSH chapter that morphed into Houston South for a full four years. She is truly a jack-of-all-trades in our chapter because her intimate knowledge of EVERY facet of every level–along with her spirit of volunteerism–ensures that she can step in any class and know how to help. As +PLUS Education Coordinator, she has scoured hundreds of curriculum resources, pored over dozens of book lists, and read through each book personally to verify that it will meet the needs and help to grow the hearts and virtues of our children in the +PLUS program. Additionally, on a National level, she serves as the CSH Special and Extra Needs Coordinator!

Morgan Costigan
Chapter Team Director/Program
Laura Ambro
Admin. Asst. & Supply Coordinator
Denise Guajardo
Administrative-Finance Coordinator
Sarah Wilson
Tiffanie van Sant
Jessica Counts
Pre-Grammar Program Coordinator
Jennifer Vogelgesang
Upper Level Program Coordinator
Betsy Perryman
+PLUS Education