Annual Fees – Cost to Join 2021

Registration ~ $95.00 per family “early bird” registration available for your families. After April 15, 2021, the regular family registration fee of $125.00 applies. Registrations are paid online. After submitting your online registration, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay the fee either with Paypal or credit card.

This goes to the national Catholic Schoolhouse program, which provides us with amazing support and director and tutor training. It also gets you access to the members-only Basecamp forum and file directory to help support you in your daily homeschool.

Supply Fee ~ $85.00 per grammar (age 3 through 6th grade) student, or $165.00 per upper level (dialectic 7th-9th and rhetoric 10th-12th) student. Payable to your local director, it stays entirely within your chapter. Used for art, science and classroom printouts. Everything will be provided, giving your children 24 amazing weekly science projects and art projects!

Student Fees ~ $250.00 per grammar student, or $300 per upper level student.  Payable to your local director. Goes entirely to support your program and your child’s tutors!

Facility Fee ~ $125 per family, as needed by our chapter.

Nursery Fee ~ Will be determined by the number of nursery children and paid by members whose children will be present in the nursery.

Chapter media can be purchased from or at a member discount when the director completes a bulk order.

Please contact us with any questions.