Ideas for using CSH at Home

Use the Tour Guide and CDs to reinforce the memory work at home and in the car.

Teach math, reading, writing to your children at their level with your own programs!

Read books from the library that go with the Tour Guide subjects and history timeline–there are many resource lists on Basecamp to give you ideas! Basecamp is a private and secure networking site where the thousands of families who use CSH nationally can exchange ideas, messages, questions, and share files, documents, and lesson plans they’ve created so that you aren’t reinventing the wheel! Our local chapter also has its OWN Basecamp Team that is private, where we can share prayer requests, announcements, photos (great for when the yearbook is made at the end of the school year!), and more locally.

Utilize Basecamp and the CSH Blog to plan fun activities, watch shows, find links, etc.

Use the memory copy work for handwriting practice–and NEW this year, our chapter will use a comprehensive notebook with space for notebooking, handwriting, and more! Pre-grammar and Grammar Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 will each have their own notebooks with hundreds of pages of curated material!

Below you can see previews of some of the materials available to members of our chapter–these notebooks will make reinforcing the memory work at home (or in the car!) streamlined and effective! Optional virtue handwriting pages (or notebooking pages for older students) as well as three sets of spelling words (one for each younger age group) help round out the materials to use at home!