Ideas for using CSH at Home

Use the Tour Guide and CDs to reinforce the memory work at home and in the car.

Teach math, reading, writing to your children at their level with your own programs!

Read books from the library that go with the Tour Guide subjects and history timeline–there are many resource lists on Basecamp to give you ideas! Basecamp is a private and secure networking site where the thousands of families who use CSH nationally can exchange ideas, messages, questions, and share files, documents, and lesson plans they’ve created so that you aren’t reinventing the wheel! Our local chapter also has its OWN Basecamp Team that is private, where we can share prayer requests, announcements, photos (great for when the yearbook is made at the end of the school year!), and more locally.

Utilize Basecamp and the CSH Blog to plan fun activities, watch shows, find links, etc.

Use the memory copy work for handwriting practice–our chapter offers notebooking pages with space for handwriting, fine arts studies, and more! Pre-grammar will have coordinated coloring and handwriting pages offered, and Grammar Grades 1-3 and Grades 4-6 each have the option of printing hundreds of pages of curated material to go along with weekly memory work from chapter day.

If you are wanting to use Catholic Schoolhouse as a stand-alone curriculum choice, one of the best ways to do that would be to join the [optional!] +PLUS second day program. The curriculum choices in +PLUS have been meticulously curated to align with and augment the material covered in CSH Chapter Day. +PLUS offers personalized daily lesson plans for all subjects for each of your children, included in the flat $300 +PLUS family fee. Unlike hybrid “school” programs, with +PLUS, you are still the primary educator. The instructors at +PLUS day will introduce the material, and your children might be asked to turn in assignments/quizzes to them, but they will be returned to YOU [through family folders] for any official grading. Thus, parents can make adaptations to children’s assignments or the expectations of completion to THEIR standards. Be assured that your dialectic and rhetoric students taking +PLUS courses, along with active participation in our CSH Chapter Day, would fulfill almost all of the course requirements for graduation in the state of Texas. The addition of a health course and physical education is all that would need to be added!